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Due to the high number of infections recorded per day in India (400,000+) hospitals are overcrowded leaving people dying on the streets, in ambulances waiting outside, or in their houses while still waiting for a bed. There is no intermediary care facility between the house and the hospital. The Rapha Care Center hopes to solve just that in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India by setting up facilities that can house 200 patients at a time.

With your donation, we can help save lives. Every minute counts as people are dying due to the lack of facilities. Thank you for browsing this website and considering helping the people of India.

Jason Peter

Founder & Project Manager

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The Project Overview



- The intent is to quickly stand up a facility in Bangalore to provide immediate reliefe to a taxed medical system.

- We are aksi looking to set up 20-bed "Covid Care Centres" with oxygen in 3 rural areas in South India that are most impacted and have no access to medical services.


Project Timeframe and Growth

- Objective is to keep the Bangalore facility open for 3-4 months.

- Depending on funding received, we would like to open similar facilities in other rural areas in South India where medical facilities are severely limited.

- Wings has the capability to quickly stand-up temporary facilities within 2 weeks


Current Covid Situation - India

- Active Cases - 3.7 M

- Total Deaths - 254 K

- Other Considerations:
- Daily New Cases - 360K - 400K (18 day average)
- % of Indian population living in villages: 65.53%

(World Bank collection of Development Indicators)


Financial Responsibility

- It is our commitment to ensure complete transparency and accounting of all funds received and disbursed.

- We have a CA with 35 years of experience, is donating his time and expertise to maintain our financials and ensure compliance with local laws.

- In addition, Professor Todd Loeb, who is also VP at State Street will provide financial oversight and advice.

- We will be providing regular updates to our stakeholders and donors


Facility Details

We have secured a wing of a local hospital that has not been in operations for a couple of years, it has the following:
- 150 beds
- Oxygen generators that can supply to all 150 beds
- 4 ventilators with more being negotiated
- Walls need a new coat of paint and deep cleaning/sanitisation
- Need to arrange for food services to patients and families on site


Staffing Details

- Number of Beds - 150

- Number of Physicians - 15

- Number of Nurses - 30

- Number of Supporting Medical Staff

- Other Staff - 40 (Security/Maintenance, Housekeeping, Reception, IT)

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