An Emergency Covid19 Response for India

Relief for a
Gasping Nation

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Mass Cremations

An Emergency Covid19 Response for India

Help India's
Weary Doctors

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Weary Medical Staff

An Emergency Covid19 Response for India

No More Space
For The Dying

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Unending ER Queues

An Emergency Covid19 Response for India

Hospitals Have
No Oxygen Left

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Depleted Oxygen Supply

Rapha is an intermediary crisis center equipped with a multidisciplinary team for the masses that have no room in hospitals.

India Is In Dire Need of Your Help | 3000 Deaths/Day

Due to the high number of infections recorded per day in India (400,000+) hospitals are overcrowded leaving people dying on the streets, in ambulances waiting outside, or in their houses while still waiting for a bed.

There is no intermediary care facility between the house and the hospital. The Rapha Care Center hopes to solve just that in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India by setting up facilities that can house 200 patients at a time. Temporary infrastructure set up to care for CAT I and CAT II patients allowing hospitals to care for CAT III patients in need of intensive care.

The Rapha Care Center will be a low to no cost facility that can provide basic COVID19 care with basic medication and monitoring for CAT I and II and oxygen for CAT II patients.


The Rapha Care Center (RCC) in Bangalore, India will be a low to no cost medical care unit that will be set up in temporary structures to care for category I and II patients. Verbal permission has already been secured from the Assistant Chief Secretary of the Karnataka Government. The categories will be physically divided in the center to provide focused care. Isolation units with oxygen support will be used for hypoxemic patients and those who have mild symptoms will be treated in an open-bed layout. The pilot center will have 200 beds and 3 more centers are forecasted to open within the next 45 days.

Floor Plan



Images of The Proposed Facility

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